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Swimming Breathing And How To Do It Right

Many people find difficult to master the breathing technique. Proper breathing is essential to swimming efficiently and effectively, and can make a big difference in your overall experience. Here are some tips on how to correctly do swimming breathing.

Step 1: Exhale Underwater

The first step is to exhale while your face is underwater. This will allow you to take in more oxygen when you come up for air. To exhale, simply blow bubbles primarly out of your nose while your face is submerged in the water. You can also add mouth to your breathe out and blow bubbles with both.

Step 2: Inhale Through Your Mouth

As you swim, inhale through your mouth when you come up for air. Keep your head facing forward and look straight ahead as you inhale. Take a deep breath and try to get as much air as possible. Try to protect your mouth by opening it in a shape of letter O.

Step 3: Exhale Again

After you have taken a breath, exhale through your nose and mouth as your face returns to the water. This will help you get rid of any excess carbon dioxide in your body. Make sure you start with nose exhale before your face enters the water to prevent water getting into your nose.

Tips for learning swimming breathing:

  1. Practice Exhaling Underwater: Before you start swimming, practice exhaling underwater. This will help you get used to exhaling and build up your lung capacity.

  2. Use a Kickboard: To focus on your breathing technique, use a kickboard to help you stay afloat while you practice. This will allow you to concentrate on your breathing without worrying about your body position.

  3. Start with One Stroke: When you are first learning, start with one stroke at a time. Exhale underwater, take a breath when you come up for air, and then exhale again. As you become more comfortable, you can increase the number of strokes you take between breaths.

  4. Slow Down: Do not try to swim too fast when you are first learning. Take your time and focus on getting the technique right before you start increasing your speed.

  5. Practice Regularly: Practice makes perfect! Try to swim at least a few times a week to build up your endurance and improve your technique.

Mastering the correct breathing technique is crucial to becoming a proficient swimmer. By following these steps and practicing regularly, you can learn how to breathe correctly while swimming and enjoy all the benefits that this wonderful form of exercise has to offer.

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