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  • Do I need to do any dryland warm-ups before the class?
    Suppose you are in the learning process and still need to practice more. In that case, you don't usually have to do any particular exercise before or after swimming. We always warm up in the water with the skills you already know. We want to maximise the time spent in the water for successful learning. For advanced swimmers, we recommend coming earlier to class and doing a warm-up in the water. After that, always start swimming slowly and mix and match various styles. We always build up with extended warm-ups for the technique to be ready to work out during the class. Performance swimmers may want to do dry land warm-ups before jumping into the water. We recommend using expanders or pilates bands to warm shoulders and continue the usual warm-up in the water. The more advanced you are, the more specific exercises for dry land you have to add, including stretching after the workout.
  • How can I find a coach at the pool?
    If it's not said otherwise, we always meet directly in the pool, ready to swim. You can find the coach on the deck, wearing all-black clothes. You can call or message the coach over the app for any issues.
  • Which type of bag to take to the pool?
    We recommend taking a swim backpack, bag, tote, or swimming mesh bag. Plastic bags are not good.
  • Which swimsuit to wear and what else to take to the first class?
    Women One-piece sport swimsuit. Avoid wearing bikinis or complicated summer swimsuits. Men Wear swim boxers or jammers—no board shorts. Equipment For the first class you only need swim goggles and swim cap in case of long hair. Cap is mandatory for women and must be made from silicone—all equipment you can find in the app shop. Coach will deliver it to the pool.
  • What is better morning or evening class?
    It's about personal preference. Both morning and evening time slots in peak times are in general popular.
  • Is water in the pool warm?
    Water in the pool is within the norms for swimming pools. Range of temperatures can be from 26 to 28 degrees. How do you personally feel the water temperature is purely on your habits. If you are only used to shower yourself with very hot water, you will most probably feel pool water as cold. If you are into cold or mild cold showers and are not too protected from cold in general, pool water feels warm. Also you will feel warm once you start to move in the water more, so the experience will improve.
  • Can I come to pool and swim on my own and practice swimming?
    If your skills are having certain level of technique, it is recommended to swim often to get a better feeling from the water. If you just started swimming and learning, you may want to wait until you know how to do it somewhat correctly. Coach will always tell you when it is a good idea to practice alone and when it's too soon.
  • Do I need to keep any diet?
    You don't need to have any diet to be able to swim good. In general don't eat too much before swimming. Avoid heavy or big meals less than 2 hours before swimming. Don't drink alcohol before the classes.
  • What should I eat before and after swimming?
    Before You may have plenty of water, fruit such as banana or anything light. Make sure you don't eat less than 1 hour before swimming. After You can eat some protein based meal, chicken or beef, with a bit of carbohydrates and replenish water. Avoid drinking beer or alcohol after training.

Swim Gift Card

CZK 1,000

Give to any of your friends or family gift card for swimming.

Check FAQ below...
Give to any of your friends or family gift card for swimming. Check FAQ below...

CZK 1,000
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