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Eight Rules For Swimming Training On The Lane

When going to the pool for a swim session, it's essential to follow proper etiquette in the pool to avoid slowing down other swimmers or causing accidents. In this article, we'll go over some rules of the lane that every swimmer should know and how to be a good training partner.

Rule 1: Before entering a pool lane, make sure to check if there is any team training or rented course happening. If you're joining a busy lane, let the other swimmers know you're entering and be aware of the number of swimmers in the lane. Start swimming only after letting faster swimmers go ahead of you.

Rule 2: Start circle swimming automatically in the right-to-left or left-to-right direction. If there are signs indicating the direction of swimming, follow them. When other swimmers are about to join the lane, switch to the "circle swim" mode and select the right direction to ensure everyone's safety.

Rule 3: Never dive or push off the wall before a faster swimmer approaches the wall. Always let the quicker swimmer take a gap ahead to avoid collisions.

Rule 4: If you need to overtake a slower swimmer, gently tap their heel, ankle, or foot to let them know if they are in the way or just pass them with enough space without any touching. The slower swimmer should swim as close to the lane rope as possible and let the faster swimmer overtake them. If you're being tapped, move to the side and let the swimmer pass.

Rule 5: Avoid resting or finishing in the middle of the wall. Leave the middle free for swimmers who continue their lap. Rest in the corners of the lane and let faster swimmers go ahead of you before starting your lap.

Rule 6: Don't start swimming right behind the swimmer in front of you to avoid accidents. Let them swim away a bit.

Rule 7: If everyone in the lane is swimming long-axis strokes such as Front Crawl or Backstroke, don't swim short-axis strokes such as Butterfly or Breaststroke to avoid causing accidents.

Rule 8: Communication is vital. Be polite and greet other swimmers. Let them know when you're starting and if you have a slow lap. Give and take advice to make swimming easier for everyone.

Following these rules, you can be a considerate and responsible lane mate and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

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