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Cold Shower Challenge

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Do you still continue cold showers?

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Marcel Garcia
Marcel Garcia
Nov 10, 2023

I am still with it and everyday feels better, never within the comfort zone but a bit closer 🙌🏽 also seeing some improvents when walking outside in the cold with less clothing


Hi Everyone.

The Cold Shower challenge coming to an end, and we encourage you to continue with shower routine now on your own! It will pay off during the winter.

You can join us every Sunday for pool cold plunge for free. It's amazing.

Thank you to all who participated in the shower challenge, and keep up❄️❄️❄️

Kateřina Kotápišová
Lavinia Birgoz
Anushri Joshi
Simona Dragulescu

We did 1/2 of the cold shower training in Madeira while vacationing ☀️, not so fun now that we are in Prague ❄️😂 but still holding there

Lukas Lindner
Marta Stas
Simona Dragulescu
Pere Grina
Lukas Lindner
Lukas Lindner
Oct 21, 2023

Great work guys 👏🚿


Today we increase time to 5 minutes and maintaining cold water throughout the time. Let's do it🚿❄️👏

Marcel Garcia
Simona Dragulescu


Let's be supportive together and have team spirit during our...
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