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Training Concepts

Join the collective of lifestyle swimmers and experience new water perspectives! Our programs are designed to serve to your individual needs and preferences, so whether you're looking to learn from scratch or improve technique, we've got you covered.

Personal Coaching

We provide different types of personal coaching services, which include 1-on-1 individual lessons, tandem swim lessons, trauma and fear coaching, and video analysis of your technique. Personal coaching is customized to meet your specific needs, and is suitable for swimmers of all levels, especially for beginners who have fears or need one-off consultations about their technique.

Group Classes

Our classes are organized in small groups to ensure that each swimmer receives enough attention from the coach. Being part of a class helps us build a community of like-minded people who can encourage and support each other in a healthy, non-competitive way at their own pace. Our group classes are tailored to different skill levels such as learn to swim class, technique practice or swim workout, so choosing the appropriate class that matches your current swimming skills is crucial.

Swim Courses

Join our swim courses and masterclasses on specific swimming styles or skill elements. These courses are designed to help you significantly improve your technique and learning. We keep our groups small and focus on a specific end goal. Our courses include the Learning to Swim Express Program, Freestyle Masterclass, and additional swim skills such as flip turns and start dives.

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I'm Lukas, the head coach of Team Freestylers in Prague.

As a professional swimming coach, I'm committed to providing top-quality instruction and training to help you become the best swimmer possible. My coaching philosophy emphasizes discipline and patience as we work together to help you to swim like never before.

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Personalised Approach

We believe in taking a personalised approach to coaching, understanding that each swimmer has unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we take the time and provide tailored coaching strategies to help you reach your goals with your own pace, whether improving technique, building endurance, or learning from scratch and overcoming fear.