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Cold Shower Challenge!

  • 21Days
  • 24Steps
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❄️ Do you shiver at the thought of cold water? It’s time to face the chill and rise up! We’re calling on incredible Freestylers to step out of their comfort zones and plunge into the empowering collective 2023 winter challenge! What's this about? Challenge yourself and our collective to prepare with gradual cold showers at your home. Why? Because! It's time to boost immunity, boost your mind, get out of habit saying it's cold. Do some change and be proud of yourself. Experience the Benefits: - Boosted immunity - Enhanced mood - Increased metabolism - A wave of exhilaration - Uplifted mental strength - Revitalised body & soul - Enhanced resilience & well-being Cold showers is bare minimum you can start with. It's gradual exposure at your own shower will prepare you for winter events, which you can join during upcoming months.

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Cold Shower Challenge

Cold Shower Challenge

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